Activities When You Have No Life

I wrote this when I was bored in class as a youngster. The title is pretty self-explanatory; kind of a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the things that loneliness can drive us to.

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Activities When You Have No Life

1. Sort through parents old albums.Put on turntable and listen for hours at a time. Laugh silently. THen alphebetize. THen write music reviews for each record. Duct tape to south bedroom wall. Decorate with construction paper and glitter – be creative with the scissors! After that, dress in leisure suit and sing like a lounge singer to the records. Write reviews about your singing (of course, you recorded your singing).
2. Make various flavors of Kool-aid. Put in little Dixie cups. Put in popsicle sticks. Put into the freezer. Sit by freezer until they are frozen. Eat and share with invisible friend.
3. Look at a map of the U.S. Look for where family members and acquaintances live. Put little foil stars on the towns. Take a black marker and trace possible routesĀ  you could take to their locations. Get a ruler. Measure the distance to each place. Write down in grid format. Stop and eat graham crackers. Come back to map. Sit on your couch and pretend you are driving to the various locations. Stop in small towns and talk to folks. When exhausted all locations, plan a trip to places you want to go. Consult with imaginary friend.


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