GROK – Universal Love Church

From the Kaleidoscope, Jan. 16, 1970. Click on the image for an enlargement.

Published in the Kaleidoscope, Feb. 1, 1970

Published in the Kaleidoscope, Feb. 1, 1970

Maori for “Welcome”
Greetings from HAWAIKI in the South Pacific, smallest Sovereign Nation on Planet Earth. THIS is a message for ALL concerned about World Peace and Universal Love…ALL the signs indicate the approach of the long=predicted Armageddon, when the forces of Good will battle the forces of evil for control of the Earth.

GROK is the first of the new Universal Mind Love Message Media which believes Good will triumph and will lead to the promised Millenium – Eternal Peace.

“ONE WORLD” is out motto and out aim hoped to be achieved by an international democratic parliamentary system.

GROK urges support for the United Nations, the Religious Society of Friends, the Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Civil Liberties Unions, and Child health and educational organizations. GROK is published by the Universal Love Church and Heaven on Earth Foundation in association with Eternal Youth Health Research Centre, One World Brains Trust Peace Future Christians, and the Freedom to Love Crusade. (All are non-profit)

GROK is dedicated to Education for Freedom, love, peace, life, faith, truth, understanding, intelligence, and happiness.

GROK believes in the eventual eternal salvation of mankind. It is for the uncommon man, who knows he s equal to ALL. TO GROK means to capture the Soul, to merge, to Understand, to KNOW…Total Experience…Empathy…It is Ultimate Awareness…Extrapolation of Abstract Concepts..In the best journalistic tradition GROK seeks to objectively promote truth. GROK takes you to the unexplored frontiers of the human mind, on an inner-dimensional tour of the psychology of the normal and the science of health.

WE don’t claim to have all the answers but here are a few of the questions we examine in our futuristically designed and illustrated poster-size collectors’ editions: FREEDOM-so little time? Flower children, grass, psychedelics, Timothy Leary, Come Together?, Orgasm, ecstasy, and religious experience, environment, ecology, pollution, Morality and state control, sensory awareness, NUDE therapy, swingers, LOVE IS GAY?, abortion, prostitution, divorce, guilt v. responsibility, Marshall McLuhan, MENSA, Esalen, Quakers and President Nixon, W.W.111? Who X Jesus? reincarnation, meditation, mysticism, astrology, witchcraft, yoga, deja vu, flying saucers, Magicians, mind manipulators, conspiracies, destiny, FREE speech, privacy? SEX games, POP music, Sympathy for the devil?, Symbolism, Aquarius, Christianity E.S.P..THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM? IF..? HEAVEN on Earth Foundation promotes the concept of the Eternal Now and helps spread the South Pacific philosophy of Love, Laughter, and Happiness. WE teach you how to play the ANGEL GAME, the ultimate projection of the game phenomena of the sixties. GROK takes you on a magic tour of the fairytale wonderland of the South Pacific Islands: To mysterious Hawaiki, Homeland of our people; to New Zealand, apple country, Garden of Eden; to Tahiti, Island Paradise of Love; to Australia, last fabulous frontier of the West; to the Treasure Island and to Pitcairn of Bounty Mutiny fame. THEN if you like, we will help you visit or settle in the South Pacific.

UNIVERSAL LOVE is a Christian Church because “CHRIST” means “TRUTH”. WE believe: Freedom of religion and instinct is essential for human happiness; Universal laws must be obeyed; Only Love, peaceand truth can save the world; Heaven is in the mind. Universal Love Church believes sex is a natural God-given human function and Love is what life is all about. OUR panel of spiritual advisors includes: Rangi, Jesus CHrist Christ, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln, Winstin Churchcill, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Aldous Huxley, Michelangelo, Carl Jung, Diogenes, and Ghandi.

SYMPATHY with our aims is the only requirement for membership. A donation of $10 towards our work would be appreciated and if you like we will supply:
ORDINATION as a minister of religion, honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, Christian identification card, and 12 blank certificates for you to ordain your friends. EXTRA certificates are available for $3 a dozen. Mint condition Hawaikian “One WOrld” stamps are $5 a dozen and Easter cards are $4 a dozen. We ask a donation of at least $5 for a subscription to GROK or $1 for a copy of the rare first edition. HEAVEN on Earth? It CAN be done-IF enough people BELIEVE.

THANK-YOU for your interest. HAWAIKI (Share Water), may you never thirst. Thou art Rangi. HAVE A NICE LIFE……

Rev. Nicolas Michael
Valentine Smith D.D.


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