Are You In The Know? [Kotex]

Published in Good Housekeeping Magazine, June 1955. Click for larger image.

Are You In The Know? [Kotex]

Are You In The Know?

When Inviting a House Guest, Should You-

-Limit her stay -Leave the departure date open -Say When

Let this visiting teen be a lesson – she who’s taken over the family easy chair and favorite “funnies”! Can’t blame her for staying on and on, though. After all, her hostess didn’t specify how long. Be definite, timewise, in inviting house-guests; both as totheir arrival and exit – say when! Saves uncertainty, embarrassment all around. And when “that” time arrives, don’t be vague about sanitary protection. Say Kotex, and get absorbency that doesn’t fail…the trustworthy kind of protection you need!

If You Play the Coquette, Can You-

-Lose Lover Boy -Join the School Band -Triple Your Bookings\

Ever think you could soup up his interest by being unpredictable? Playing games – like breaking a date at the 11th hour? Make no mistake- such tricks will zoom you into social oblivon! Just be yourself. And never let your calendar trick you into date breaking; not when there’s Kotex to give you chafe-free softness that holds its shape. Abd you just can’t make a mistake – because Kotex can be worn on either side, safely!

To Lose That Winter White Look, Fast, try-

-Flying to Florida -A tint stint -Par boiling

You know that just-crept-from-under-a-stone feeling – when everyone else is a glamorous bronze? Outwit those stares before they start! Before you trek beachward, tan your snowy hide with a clear skin tint. No need to cringe on certain days, either, even in your siren-est date dress. For those flat pressed ends of Kotex veto revealing outlines. Why not try Kotex in all 3 sizes, to find the one for you – Regular, Junior, or Super?

More women choose KOTEX than all other sanitary napkins.

It’s the wise lassie who doesn’t take chances with personal daintiness on certain days, but trusts to Quest deodorant powder. Specifically designed for sanitary napkins…no moisture resistant base to slow up absorption. Unscented Quest powder positively destroys odors. Use Quest to be sure!


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