Chinese comic book


I picked this item up at a library booksale. I don’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese, and therefore am totally clueless as to the actual written content of this book. But, I think we can ascertain a couple things just by looking at a few choice pages….


The book appears to be about a young boy and girl who have lots of superpowers. As you can see here, they can shoot lightning bolts from their mouths. And this undoubtedly has to come in handy when they have to fight flying lizard-dragons and asteroids.


Apparently they are being screwed over by some no-good Americans. Notice the OH NO U DIDN’T look on the girl’s face.


They can also ride around on clouds. BAD ASS…..AND  shoot frickin’ laser beams from their eyes!!! This has to come in handy when you’re confronted with giant lizards wielding oversized boxing gloves.


And sharks! And turtles with rocket launchers!


..and they can bring down helicopters with noodle-like dragons.

Uh, why is there not a movie about these kids?


2 thoughts on “Chinese comic book

  1. I haven’t read this particular one, but it’s part of a series. The boy used to be quite a few boys called the “hulu” brothers and the girl was born seperately as I recall? Anyway, yeah, they are magical and fight demons. It’s all rather weird.

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