1991 Band Competition Score Sheet

I played the clarinet (later the bass clarinet) in our school band, from 5th grade through 9th grade. I was never very good at it, and honestly had very little fun doing it. I always thought our teacher hated me, and this made me super-intimidated. Oh, and she was a colossal bitch. One of the things I always hated was the annual regional band competition put on by the Illinois Elementary School Association. It was compulsory, even for those of us who didn’t possess any particularly great talents. The kids who were really good also got to play in ensembles and other such groupings. This is my comment sheet for my performance when I was an 8th grade. I played a song called ‘Asleep in the Deep.’ Apparently, I got a I ranking, which is good! I think the judge was taking pity on me.
Click on the form for a closer look.


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