Senior Class Trip Itinerary, 1995

In May 1995, my senior class went to St. Louis for our class trip. We’d saved up funds from selling snickers bars at ballgames or some crap, I honestly can’t remember. The school may have kicked in a pittance, too, and hell, they may have even had us contribute towards the whole affair. I’m hazy on those details for some reason. But what I’m NOT hazy on, is the itinerary, because I SAVED IT! And now you can get a sense of the MADCAP FUN that we had in the big city:

sr class trip itinerary

The best part? Probably Six Flags, because I got to ride roller coasters. The second best part? Obviously the LASER SHOW. I saved my ticket stub:
stp laser show ticket

Yep, it was a STONE TEMPLE PILOTS laser show. Man oh man. We wrote a review of it for our zine INSOLUBLE:


STONE TEMPLE PILOTS LASER SHOW….st louis science center…may 1995…we were treated to this ‘grungetoberfest’ (even though it was in May) by the funds of our senior class trip (well, stacey, kari, justin and bill saw it). yes indeed. a full hour of stone temple pilots set to dancing beams of pulsating fun (lasers). this experience was comparable to ingesting a pint of expired mayonnaire. yum. expired mayonnaise. oh yeah daddy. so many a zine member could be seen rockin’ out to such favorites as “Vaseline,” “Plush,” and “Wicked Mofo Garden.” and we all achieved orgasms when they offered us “Sex Type Thing” as an encore. in conclusion, stone temple pilots, like all bands with coke monkey lead singers, is best when set to lasers. kick ass


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