Children Hypnotized by our Giant Penguin Overlords

From Better Homes and Gardens, Feb, 1958

dream penguins

Smart parents play it cool in hot weather. They know it’s human nature to act up when the heat’s on. So they keep their young comfortable in Nitey Nites of airy, new “Fabricool.” This porous, durable 100% cotton knit, exclusive with Nitey Nite, lets cool air in, body heat out, thus promoting rest and sleep for the youngsters, which means rest and sleep for parents, as well. Our tranquilizing prices are a boon to budgets too. We’ve scores of other new spellbinders besides those illustrated, including meticulously tailored underwear of fine cotton, so agreeable to tender young skin. And of course, all Nitey Nites are, as usual, Perryized for shrink resistance. Left: “Checkerboard” print; cardigan top, gripper closing, contrast piping, fly front pants. Sizes 4-12 $3.00. Center: “Musical Bears” screen print’ gripper shoulder, solid pants, gripper waist. Sizes 1-4. $2.25. Right: “Aquatic” screen print; white pull-over, solid color collar effect, solid pants. Sizes 4-14. $2.75. NITEY NITE


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