Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter

ful-o-pep chick starter
New Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter
Starts Chicks Fast!

Extra food values boost chicks early growth
This year famous Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter is better than ever before…loaded with growth stimulants which get chicks off to a “flying start” in life. Look at all these plus nutritional values vitamin-rich Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter Pepettes give your chicks: Growth Vitamin B12, Antibiotic feed supplement, Concentrated Spring Range, Riboflavin, plus many other vital nutrients. Yes, new nutritious Ful-O-Pep Chick STarter Pepettes get baby chicks off to a fast start…help keep mortality low during the most critical period of their life.

Nutritious oatmeal adds extra growth power
Your baby chicks – like youngster- get more energy, more growth power from body building oatmeal than from any other cereal grain! That’s why Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter is built around oatmeal – to give your chicks fast-starting growth power – to grow bigger, sounder chicks with strong flat bones. So be ahead! Get new nutritious Ful-O-Pep Chick Starter Pepettes from your local Ful-O-Pep Dealer. Only two pounds per chick is needed to grow ’em big and healthy…yes, to give your chicks a super start in life.
Ful-O-Pep Grows American’s Best Pullets
For the past 5 years in the National Egg Laying Tests – open to all poultrymen – 13,689 birds started on Ful-O-Pep Chick STarter and grown on Ful-O-Pep Growing Mash averaged laying the equivalent of 22.2 more 2 oz. eggs each than the average of 39,338 birds grown on other feeds…official prood Ful-Op-Pep grows America’s Best Pullets! Figure out how mch 22 extra eggs per hen could boost your egg profits next year. You’ll see it really pays to grow your baby chicksn on Ful-O-Pep!
See your Ful-O-Pep Dealer
The Quaker Oats Company
1216 “G” Street, Fresno, California


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