Crusade Against High Heels and Lolly Pop Habit


Crusade Against High Heels and Lolly Pop Habit

BOSTON, Dec. 7 – A ban on high heels such as never carried a Puritan or Pilgrim ancestress to church is to be sought from the legislature by the Massachusetts Osteopathic society. Announcement that the society would introduce a bill to stop the high heel at its source – the manufacturer – was made at its nineteenth annual convention.

Dr. R. Kendrick Smith of Brookline, who read a paper on “High Heels a Crime,” told his associates that the advent of woman suffrage had given the society courage to propose a bill prohibiting the manufacture, sale, and wearing of heels more than one and one-half inches in height.

The fad of sucking lollypops also was attacked.

“The lollypop is not a bad piece of physical enjoyment,” said Dr. Robert H. Veitch of Medford, “were it not for the danger of functional derangement of the stomachs of our school pupils and others by its excessive use.”


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