Hardcore Wrestling, 1985


Hardcore Wrestling was a 1980s ‘zine written by a bunch of punk rock/hardcore musicians who also happened to be hardcore wrestling fans. I’m not sure how many issues were produced, as I was given the premiere issue as a gift from a friend. This issue contains columns by Dave Hintz, Bob Mould, Richard Sheir, Greg Stout, Bill Stretch; scene reports, card results, wrestling history, explanations of wrestling holds and moves, wrestler profiles, etc.  As someone who grew up as a very big wrestling fan (and later, a big punk/hardcore fan), this zine is about perfect.
Below are a couple of columns from the first issue, including one written by one of my favorite musicians ever, Bob Mould. Bob later went on to become a writer in 1999-2000 for World Championship Wrestling. Bob once said “..’the testosterone, the athleticism. . . .It really is like a good rock show, isn’t it?’ He’s right on, but I would also say that one of the things I like about both is the sheer theatricality. Both are forms of entertainment even in their most boiled down forms…I don’t need my wrestlers or musicians to wear goofy costumes or have any contrived gimmicks to entertain me. It’s the spectacle of the performance, which is too raw and real to be faked, even though it was practiced ad nauseum.

If you know anything more about Hardcore Wrestling, drop me a line. I’d be interested to know if more issues were published.





2 thoughts on “Hardcore Wrestling, 1985

  1. I finally decide to google the fanzine I put together and here I am. Glad you enjoyed it. It was intended to go further, but was a one-off publication (and I still have some copies left of course). Bob and I chatted wrestling non-stop at shows and we got a little bit entrenched in that scene with his ultimate job there as you describe. We just felt this would be a crazy concept that we all believed in, yet had a bit of parody involved, too. It was fun, but I didn’t get my money back until I sold some unused oollectable programs that I was giving away with copies. Sold them to an ex-wrestler from Florida, Frank Dusek, so I am glad they went to a nice place.

    But yes, we were all into punk rock and wrestling, although we limited the writing to wrestling as there were just a few zines covering punk rock then.

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