Disciplinary Letter From Resident Hall Director [Breakin’ the Law], 1996

I really hated living in the dorm, but it was compulsory for all freshmen at my University. Beyond the obvious things to hate — sharing a room the size of a bathtub, the generally terrible food (especially for a vegetarian) the roommates who’d have sex right below your bunk, the uncontrollable temperature, the shared bathrooms, etc., I just hated the kind of summer camp attitudeĀ  by the RA’s and some of the residents. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY FLAG FOOTBALL WITH MY FLOORMATES, THX. I don’t wanna watch a movie with ’em either! Or go on a field trip! Or anything! It was impossible to get them to leave me the hell alone. I’m an anti-social loner who just wanted to do my homework and listen to records. I tried to keep it in check for most of the year, but near the end I lost my capacity to be polite. My neighbors were being loud – as usual – when I was trying to study, so I blew a fuse and cranked up my stereo. Who got in trouble? Yeah…..me.

I’m pretty much a goody two-shoes, so this is only one of a few entries in my “Badass” file.



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