Selections from Herra Koipeliinin, 1923

I bought this nifty old Finnish children’s book at a library sale in the 1990s. I got it when I was really into Scandinavian punk/ hardcore music, and was thinking it would be cool to learn Swedish or Finnish. Once I looked at this book, I abandoned all hope for Finnish because it just looks pretty much incomprehensible with all the double vowel nonsense. I did buy a “Teach Yourself Swedish” book around the same time as this book, but I think I only cracked the first chapter or two before I got frustrated and threw in the towel.

finnish book cover




I wish I knew what this book was about.


One thought on “Selections from Herra Koipeliinin, 1923

  1. This book is 4th finnish edition from world famous swiss inventor, father of comic (craphic novel) writer Rodolphe Töpffer, whose work named Odadiah Oldbuck 1842 was also the very first american comic. The finnish language in this very book comes from 1857 so that is why the language is difficult to undertans even for finnish native. So you couldn’t choose more difficult book to start learning finnish.

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