Color Word Monsters, 1982

In kindergarten, you spend a lot of time learning about basic stuff, like colors, reading, writing, and monsters. These worksheets combine all of those into one nifty package: the Color Word Monsters!

colorwordmonsters 3

Aww. Poor Blue.

colorwordmonsters 4

Alright, I think we can all agree that ‘burple’ is not a REAL WORD, but is still funny to 5 year olds and 32 year olds alike. Which is why this is timeless for me.

colorwordmonsters 5

Brown was always my favorite. I love the pained, shy expression he’s got going on. I can’t remember my pants ever falling down as a kid, but I did split my pants in gym class once. This is a pretty accurate summary of how I felt at the time.

colorwordmonsters 6


colorwordmonsters 7

Bad idea.

colorwordmonsters 8

Mildly terrifying?

colorwordmonsters 9

Oh, Yellow….now this is hilarious.

colorwordmonsters 10

LAME. They couldn’t even find a word to rhyme with orange!

colorwordmonsters 11

In no doubt due to ABBA.

colorwordmonsters 12


colorwordmonsters 13

So this is the only way they could work Orange into a halfway decent scenario is by teaming him up with Green? Even 5 year old me thought this was sad.

colorwordmonsters 14

This shoulda been “Purple and Pink, YOU STINK!” Then they could have drawn them all dirty and disheveled like Oscar the Grouch or something.

colorwordmonsters 15

I think Blue looks a little high here. Or maybe he’s still got the flu.

colorwordmonsters 1

Shouldn’t have eaten that lunch tray!

colorwordmonsters 2

Oh, I was hoping for this! And isn’t it like a woman to just lose her head?


That’s some gooooood gingerbread….


8 thoughts on “Color Word Monsters, 1982

  1. Kindergarten was not my favorite year of school, but I remember totally loving these, precisely because they were monsters and used words like “burple.” Yay!

  2. Wow, I can’t believe you remembered these. Do you have your copies anywhere? I was thinking mine would be the only extant ones out there. How come you hated kindergarten? I didn’t know you were not a fan.

  3. Hello, I just love your coloring pages. I have a day care in my home. And I would love to know how to get copys of them.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi LaTraysa,

    I don’t have any copies of the coloring pages as blanks, unfortunately. I only have the finished “colored-in” pictures. I did those in school probably in the early 1980s. :) Otherwise, I’d be happy to share, because are pretty neat! Thanks.

  5. LOL! I teach kindergarten and I still use these! I was introduced to them while I was student teaching, although I have never seen the combine color sheets before! My students LOVE them every year!

  6. How can I get clean copies to print?
    I used these when I taught K & need
    them for a preschool class. Thanks!!

  7. Where can I get a copy of these sheets I remember them as a child and would like to use them for my own?

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