Army Laughs, 1973

Army Laughs was one of many cheap humor publications that now aptly represent the “golden age of low-to-mid-level magazine cartooning.” Army Laughs typically featured art by noteworthy cartoonists; the cover of this issue is by Don Orehek, whose work one can find in Cracked, Playboy, and Saturday Evening Post. The quality was not always at the level found in more well-known publications; these second-rate humor mags often served as a dumping ground for hastily done work –  a quick way to make a buck. The magazine contains as assortment of bawdy comics (the women all have enormous knockers), cornball jokes, and the occasional titillating nudie pin-up photo.

Prostitution and butt jokes!

Typical short jokes

Great (yet creepy) overhead conversation joke. Like a naughty Three’s Company episode.

This is my favorite one. Another awesome overheard conversation, but the subject matter combined with the dad’s insanely apoplectic state, and the weirdly drawn kid just add up to big laffs for me.


2 thoughts on “Army Laughs, 1973

  1. The kid’s feet in the ‘crabs’ cartoon bug me. Either he’s got huge, Bratz-style shoes, outrageous flares or his pants have fallen down and bunched up around his ankles.

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