Cooling Tomato Aspic Layers, 1972

When I ran across this advertisement, I was a little shocked. Towering, complicated, molded jellos were pretty popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but this one seemed a little off. The familiar Wrigley’s Spearmint packaging jumped out at me, and I immediately thought the white layer of the salad was somehow composed of gum. Chopped, melted, boiled, I wasn’t sure, but I was suitably horrified. Tomato jello and spearmint gum…yes, there really was something wrong with people in the 1970s. However, when I actually got enough gumption to read the recipe, I learned that this layer was comprised of cottage cheese instead. And the jello is lemon flavored. With vinegar. And green peppers. They just wanted you to chew the gum later on, to keep you cool…apparently like this salad did. I’m not about to test these claims, but you’re welcome to.


3 thoughts on “Cooling Tomato Aspic Layers, 1972

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  2. Thanks Dot! That’s awesome news! It’s definitely one of the weirder recipes I’ve yet to run across.

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